Established as a collaborative of designers and garden consultants, we offer our clients highly creative and personalized solutions. We bring to each client engagement a broad range of expertise acquired through our work on rooftop and Brownstone patios, as well as in suburban gardens and parks.

We have a wealth of resources at your disposal and a curated database of plants that can thrive in various environments and landscapes. Our horticultural knowledge is expansive covering native specimens, annuals, perennials, tropicals, edibles and many other plants.





Maryam’s passion for gardening and design is rooted in her Persian origin and her experiences living in New York, London, Singapore, Geneva and Dubai. Her professional career include managing a radiology practice in NYC, managing public relations and marketing initiatives throughout the Middle East, and designing residential gardens in Dubai and Singapore. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Fordham University and is currently completing a Horticulture and Landscape Design Certificate at the New York Botanical Garden. Maryam is also a volunteer gardener at Untermyer Park in White Plains.


“Nurture Nature to Nurture your Nature! Very early in life, I was inspired by both of my grandfathers who tended their gardens and orchards with utmost attention to details and much TLC. I learned patience is the name of the game and that every living thing needs its own time to flourish.”



Ximena is an avid gardener with a passion for connecting people with nature and preserving natural resources. Growing up in Bolivia, amidst snow-capped mountains and tropical forests, she draws her inspiration from the beauty found in native landscapes and the resilience of plants thriving in urban settings. She has had a long career as a nonprofit executive, fundraising professional, and management consultant. She completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Queens College and NYU and is currently pursuing a certificate in Landscape Design at the New York Botanical Garden. Ximena volunteers with a team of Master Gardeners to restore Brookdale Park, in Bloomfield, NJ.


“I feel energized every time I get the chance to help someone figure out how to add a little bit nature to their lives. The right combination of plants can often be enough to bring joy to any living or working environment”   



Maryline draws her inspiration from the French countryside where she was born and raised, as well as from the various Paris and New York City museums and gardens she frequently visits. She began her career as a research scientist in Microbiology and has worked as a research scientist and lab manager at prestigious institutions such as The Rockefeller Institute and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Becoming a Landscape Designer has allowed her to combine her passions for art and nature to create elegant and harmonious gardens.


“The colors, scents and gorgeous landscapes that I experienced growing up still linger in my mind and are a constant source of inspiration”